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I am Puranam Seshavatharam, priest by profession. I was born in Sarpavaram, a small village near Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh to Sri Sita Rama Charyulu and Sitamma. My father is a priest by profession and served in a Rama Temple for 50 years. He is 88 now and resting in Vizianagaram. I have graduated from college and went to Tirupati to pursue my career as a priest. I did my vedic education in Tirupati and gained my work experience at Balaji temple as an assistant priest in Vizianagaram and served at a Rama Temple at Delhi. Afterwards I served at a Balaji Temple in Visakhapatnam which lead my way to Washington D.C where I was working at a Siva Vishnu temple in the year 2000. Later I had the opportunity to serve Hindu Temple In Atlanta where I worked for 5 years. In the year 2005 I started working as a free lancer. I have known the people of Atlanta for the past 10 years. I can speak Tamil and Hindi also.

I have a wonderful wife and a son and a daughter. My wife, Madhuri owns a restaurant and she has been managing it for the past 3 years. My son is working in Atlanta Hanuman temple as a priest. My daughter Gayatri is going to middle school and helps her mom during her free time.
With the Godís grace and blessings I and my family are living happily and peacefully by serving the people.
I want to thank every one for extending their support in my life that I come across.

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